About Me

My intuitive abilities manifested at the age of 5. Initially I turned my back upon the path calling me. I chased after the American dream of opulence. I awoke one day and realized that I did not know who I was. My life was devoid of true meaning and happiness. I no longer desired to chase after the transitory things of life: that life of accumulation. I chose to instead cultivate that which was of real importance: personal and spiritual growth. Embracing my authentic nature, I honed those skills which could be utilized in the service to others.

I would like to thank all those people who have come into my life and touched me in a special way. I will forever carry a part of you in my heart as I follow this path. May I continue to spread the light and encouragement to all I come into contact with. Mabuhay!

Karen operates The Well Sanctuary LLC in Bristol, CT, has a BS degree in education from Southern Connecticut State University, is an Elder Intergenerational Shamanic Practitioner, a retired Shamanic Minister,a hypnotherapist and member of The American Board of Hypnotherapy,Shinpiden Level Reiki Master/ Teacher,Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, Shr Jye of Tai Chi Chaun and Qigong ,certified for hospice work through The Twilight Brigade, is a member of The International Association of Reiki Professionals and is a Level 3 Emei Qigong Practitioner.

Karen has been published numerous times in The Door Opener Magazine, has been a guest on the national radio talk show Sane Talk Radio, was spot lighted on WFSB-TV3's Better Connecticut, was in Hartford Magazine and has lectured at Tunxis Community College and is also a contributing author to the books: 365 Days of Angel Prayers and 365 Moments Of Grace.

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